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Music Manager

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About Music Manager Co., Ltd.

Music Manager Co., Ltd.
Central Office & Development Center
63 Millpond Lane
Bay Shore, New York 11706

Music Manager Co., Ltd. is a music management software development company from Bay Shore, New York. It develops music management software, music managers, digital music managers, music manager programs and other music management tools for Windows PC.

Company high-end music management software solution - Music Manager - is a music management program, digital music manager,
music management software that will automatically manage music, sort music and organize music anywhere on your computer, music player, on external hard drive or on CD disks.

Music manager will manage all your music on your computer, music player and hard disk. Manage music easily -
Free music manager download at music manager download section.


Music Manager

Music Manager version 1.0 released in 1997, was the first tool that could sort, rename and manage music file collections with unlimited sise, in one easy step.Combined with its straight-forward user interface and ease of use, the product became an immediate success.

Today, Music Manager is one of the best selling and most popular music management software systems world-wide. The introduction of - Blue Titanium based - Music Manager continues our mission to provide high quality music file renaming tools, and expands our presence in the music file sorters market. User-friendly wizards for music file renaming, Automatic Renaming of music files of all types, music file renaming in the way you prefer (more than 475 ways to sort music files)  - It is all about Music Manager, leading solution in music file renaming industry.


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